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The core goal of any automation plan is to improve profitability. Our handheld products enable you to accomplish this by reducing errors, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales. Additionally, handheld products allow your in-store and on-the-road personnel to reach a higher level of productivity, as less time is spent on traditional data search and entry.

Partner Tech’s EM-220 mobile computer provides a state of the art handheld terminal with multiple functions, including a 10.1” LCD with integrated touch. The modern and smart design fits into various applications, it can be used in the field, logistics, retail and restaurants.
Possibilities are endless, so just use your imagination and the touch of your finger.
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Special Features:
Improved CPU & Memory over EM-200
Compact & slim size
Auto rotation display (landscape or portrait)
Supports 2nd VGA
Power saving design for maximum battery life
Dust & Spill resistant (IP54)

CMOS camera (supports up to 2 cameras, front & rear)
Wallmount bracket VESA (75 / 100)
Carry case, Cradle, POS Base
Jacket with MSR, RFID reader or barcode scanner modules (1D or 2D)

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